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SAACP (SG) Membership Info

Why join SAACP (SG) ?

  • Be part of a common cause to influence government and statutory health council policy via the Executive Committee of SAACP, through the branch structure. This includes legislation that impacts on the professional role of community pharmacists, irrespective of where they are based, or who they work for.
  • Be part of a forum that can advise on and assist with community pharmacy related matters.
  • Attend national community pharmacy related symposiums.
  • Have access, through your PSSA membership, to indemnity insurance at a favourable price.
  • Keep informed of continuing professional development (CPD) evenings – mostly at local branches.
  • Keep up to date with the South African Pharmacy Journal (SAPJ), which is included in your PSSA membership.
  • Receive SAACP newsletters and event information.

How do I join the SAACP (SG)?

SAACP is a sector of the Pharmaceutical Society of SA (PSSA). Interested professionals and members first need to apply for membership to the PSSA to belong to the SAACP.

When applying for PSSA membership, ensure that you select the option to join Community Pharmacy Sector. You will automatically be allocated to the Southern Gauteng branch if your address falls into the Southern Gauteng area. However, since it is possible to live and work in different areas, you are able to select a different branch on the application form.

PSSA (and SAACP) Application Form

Membership Fees

The membership fee of SAACP sectors is R650.00 per annum. This is a voluntary fee and is not compulsory. The full membership fee is transferred to SAACP and no part of the fee is retained by PSSA.

PSSA Membership Fees